System Security

Swisscom's Dynamic Computing Services provide Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Please remark the following statements:

  • Swisscom does not have direct access to the customers virtual systems.
  • The customer is responsible for the operation.
  • We strongly recommend you to configure the virtual systems securely (updating, patching) and to monitor them on a regular basis.
  • Additionaly to your own security and hardening guidelines, we are recommending the following advises:

The VM templates offered in the Swisscom service catalogue are initially secured (as forseen in Swisscom internal security guidelines). They are not updated on a regular basis. After you provisioned them into your virtual servers, virus protection and patching as well as monitoring needs to be ensured by you.

Additionally, Swisscom can offer operation services of your virtual systems with up to and including the operating system.

In terms of network security, this design guide primarily addresses aspects at the IaaS level. This document does not deal explicitly with other topics, such as governance, compliance or encryption. If required, you can discuss questions and issues related to those topics, and tailored to your particular requirements, with Swisscom security experts.

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